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Blog nr. 10: Een opkomend wereldwijd fenomeen: werken vanuit compassie, tegen de verschraling in de zorg

Compassionate health care is a rapidly growing field which has come to the forefront following concerns that health care often fails at a fundamental level. However, there is general agreement that incorporating compassion as the core of basic care helps aid recovery, improves disease management, and reduces anxiety. The scientific nature of nurse/physician training is believed to be partially responsible for a decline in humanity, and discussions are under way with regard to including compassion courses within such training, as fundamental part of the teaching curriculum. Despite the growing number of negative reports, there is unity in the belief in moving forward towards enhancing humanity in healthcare, identifying ways in which to achieve this, and highlighting examples of good practice. The topic is relevant internationally, with various research initiatives being undertaken.

Bron: Journal of compassionate Health Care (BioMed Central ltd, UK)


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